We provide hands-on practical consulting services as we always strive to be part of your organization's growth and continuous improvement. We have internal consultants who have widespread expertise in various areas of management consulting such as strategy, marketing and HR. Moreover, we have a database of external consultants we trust in different disciplines of management and operations. Through our internal and external consultants we are able to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations offering in-depth analysis of your business and your market, providing you with practical solutions and improvement techniques and helping you in the implementation of our recommendations whenever needed.

Strategy & Planning

We help you develop your company's high-level strategy, cascade it to more manageable objectives and up to the level where every individual in your organization knows their objectives and how their performance will be assessed each year.

The below represent some of the strategy and planning consulting services we offer. Our consultants have unmatched expertise in understanding your needs and customizing our deliverables to suit the needs of your unique business.

  • Vision, mission & strategy
  • Company & departmental objectives
  • Growth plan
  • Company direction
  • Sectors & products/ services analysis
  • Business plans preparation

Organization Developmen

Developing your most valuable asset, namely your employees and providing the means to attract and retain them are vital to any organization's success and growth. We always aim at handing your employees the means to success and helping management in overseeing this.

Human resources management and development and organizational development are crucial elements in today's fast-paced work environment. We are proud to deliver many consultations such as the below to lay the foundation for your organization's prosperity.

  • Compensation & benefits
  • Organization structure & job descriptions
  • Performance appraisal
  • HR system
  • Recruitment
  • Training needs (TNA) plan
  • Early retirement pension plan


Are you launching a new brand? Reviving an existing one? Trying to formulate a marketing strategy and plan to meet your clients' expectations and your strategic goals? Budgeting your new marketing activities and communication plan? We can help you formulate and/or implement it in a professional and practical way.

Marketing is critical in staying in touch with your customer and developing fruitful interactions with him/her. We help you in the development of tailor-made marketing strategies and activities through the below services.

  • Launch strategy
  • Marketing plan
  • Communication plan
  • Branding
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Market research
  • Sales plan
  • Sales performance assessment