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Since 1996, Excellence has been pursuing its dream of developing individuals and organizations. Inspired by the book "In Search of Excellence", we aim for continuous performance improvement and providing our clients with nothing less than the Excellence they deserve.

Excellence started its road in 1996 by focusing on managerial and soft skills' training courses. Realizing the importance of hands-on technical training for employees in the manufacturing and petroleum fields, Excellence created a technical training department to meet the needs of customers. Excellence utilized its updated know-how of management and technical topics to develop conferences and seminars discussing hot issues that interest employees and managers in various types of industries.

Series of petroleum conferences (under the auspices of the H.E. Minister of Petroleum of Egypt & Secretary General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity) and the series of HR seminars are examples of this pursuit. Moreover, Excellence provides practical management consulting solutions to companies of various sizes working in diverse fields. Strategy, marketing and HR are some of our areas of expertise offering consultations through an internal and external pool of consultants from academic and practical backgrounds.

Excellence Vision

To empower and develop people and organizations

Excellence Mission

To provide the means for developing individuals and organizations focusing on customization and practicality of services offered.


We provide hands-on practical consulting services as we always strive to be part of your organization's growth and continuous improvement. We have internal consultants who have widespread expertise in various areas of management consulting such as strategy, marketing and HR. Moreover, we have a database of external consultants we trust in different disciplines of management and operations. Through our internal and external consultants we are able to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations offering in-depth analysis of your business and your market, providing you with practical solutions and improvement techniques and helping you in the implementation of our recommendations whenever needed.

Strategy & Planning

We help you develop your company's high-level strategy, cascade it to more manageable objectives and up to the level where every individual in your organization knows their objectives and how their performance will be assessed each year.

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Organization Development

Developing your most valuable asset, namely your employees and providing the means to attract and retain them are vital to any organization's success and growth. We always aim at handing your employees the means to success and helping management in overseeing this.

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Are you launching a new brand? Reviving an existing one? Trying to formulate a marketing strategy and plan to meet your clients' expectations and your strategic goals? Budgeting your new marketing activities and communication plan? We can help you formulate and/or implement it in a professional and practical way.

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We pride ourselves for the ability to customize our trainings to meet your needs. We provide a variety of training courses and diplomas in management and business, personal development and technical and engineering topics. Our training department is divided into two sections, one for business disciplines and personal development and the other for technical training headed by an engineer to be able to understand and meet the requirements of our clients. Moreover, we schedule courses throughout the year on hot topics in the different disciplines to keep you abreast of new developments in your area of expertise. Whether you are looking for pre-set scheduled courses to attend or to customize your own course according to your organization's needs we can meet your requirements.

Business Courses & Diplomas

Employees are always evaluated on their continuous advancement and development qualifying them to accelerate the company's growth. Diplomas and MBAs are a great way to boost your expertise and help you market yourself even at existing or new jobs. We provide training courses for an array of business disciplines and personal development. These qualify you for the functions that your job entails and help you grow your managerial skills. Interpersonal skills are as important in your advancement in work and life as all other technical knowledge. We offer practical training that will enhance your interactions with others making them more fruitful.

Vocational / Technical Courses

It is very hard for engineers to find high quality training that boosts their skills through hands-on experience. Moreover, companies face a lot of difficulties in trying to train workers of all levels to increase their productivity and meticulousness. To this end, Excellence partners with practitioners in the field to offer high quality practical trainings in such areas as health, safety and environment, quality assurance, process technology, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Conferences & Seminars

We develop, organize and implement various conferences, forums and seminars. Periodically, we conduct a management conference covering contemporary management concepts affecting organizations' performance. We also execute the Forum of Arab Petroleum Companies which is designed and prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Petroleum and the Council of Arab Economic Unity. The role of Excellence these events encompassed the planning, preparation, marketing, financial forecasting and budgeting, managing logistics as well as the execution and management of the event itself.

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